Elizabeth Aslinger, Ph.D.

headshot of Elizabeth Aslinger

Dr. Aslinger is a neuroscientist, quantitative psychologist, and scientific software developer who currently conducts immunogenetics research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, computational psychiatry, psychometrics, and philosophy and history of science and medicine from earlier work at Yale (BA, post-doctoral), Emory, University of Pittsburgh, and Purdue (MS, Ph.D.). As an assessment clinician during her graduate training, she focused on providing highly individualized and evidence-based case conceptualizations, primarily for clients with ASD and/or ADHD. Her broader research program aims to (a) elucidate transdiagnostic biological and psychosocial mechanisms driving individual differences in experiences, (b) investigate the validity and utility of established and emerging diagnostic frameworks, and (c) promote methodological best practices in scientific research and clinical application. Dr. Aslinger’s Profile