Miyah Sundermeyer

Miyah Sundermeyer has been employed at the Center for Leadership in Disability which is housed in the school of Public Health at Georgia State University.  All the while, she earned her Associate’s Degree in Psychology before to transferring her credits to the GSU to pursue her bachelor’s in psychology.  Miyah will graduate in May 2020, prior to perusing a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in biostatistics as she looks to become a researcher. Most recently, she was interviewed on the podcast series “Converge Autism Radio,” on her transition journey from high school to college with parent advocate, Stephanie Holmes.  In the meantime, she recently had been blogging for Future Horizon’s, which sells products and events related to autism.  Miyah was also became inspired to get involved in autism airport rehearsal tours and wrote several blogs based on her own ideas and huge background of travel by air.  Meanwhile, Miyah is the entrepreneur to the blog series “Hello World with Miyah” which can be found on WordPress and YouTube.    All the while, she is a homeowner in the greater Atlanta area and recently got a new red-headed roommate named AJ.  Among other things, Miyah enjoys traveling, writing, math, astronomy, filming vlogs, Casey Neistat, cats, movies and animation.  In 1993, at age 11, Miyah was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder: None-other-Specified (PDD-NOS) or high functioning autism. This was prior to extensive visits to doctors and other similar professions who otherwise diagnosed Miyah with ADHD.   In 2003, Miyah was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is now known as autism spectrum disorder.   Contrary to common belief that Miyah would never lead a fulfilling, Miyah has overcome many challenges and is a productive member.